Vegas Crime Tour

Vegas Crime Tour
  • Duration: 140 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Product code: VCT

See and hear about the sins of sin city.  The Vegas Crime Tour is by the creators of the award-winning Vegas Mob Tour.

Sin City not only attracts the curious and sometimes naïve or impulsive tourists, but also those who break the law and try to hide in the transient and lurid town.  Learn about serial killers, convicts, arsonists, murderers, and sex offenders. 

The experience begins with a video about Vegas crime history which shocked the local community. The guide will relate stories of not only the crimes but also how clever, deviate, bold, smooth and sometimes inept the criminals were. Law enforcement chased, tracked, followed, and caught a major portion of them.

Celebrity Crime stories including Benny Binion, Dean Martin, Elvis, Tupac, Sonny Liston, Wayne Newton and even Marilyn Monroe.

The authenticity is the result of extensive research and firsthand information from law enforcement documentation, newspapers, media outlets, documentaries, books, and interviews.

Highlights include homicide locations, hotel bombing and arson, OJ Simpson’s 2007 arrest, John Wayne Gacy’s morbid/shocking history in Vegas and many more stories.

During your next visit to Las Vegas experience this new, historical, educational, and entertaining tour that awaits you and your friends.